Private Coaching with Leo Babauta

Leo works deeply with his private coaching clients, and only takes on a limited number at once. He is committed to creating inner and outer transformation for every client.

Your Possibility

Transform Your Life

Get present to what's possible for you: what you want most deeply in life. Your deepest purpose. The experience of life you crave. The results you've been wanting to create.This possibility of your life is the reason to do coaching. It's what will drive you when you feel like quitting. It's the start and the Why of our work together.


Face Uncertainty

When our fear and resistance takes over, we give in to old patterns. In our coaching work together, we'll learn how to work with uncertainty and fear, and you'll train yourself to work with your resistance.As you do so, you'll gain trust in yourself, live life with greater confidence, and start to create remarkable results.


Deepen Into Practice

As you face your resistance and uncertainty, you'll deepen into practicing with whatever shows up for you.The training is rooted in Zen practice, and you'll practice mindfulness with your life, with your experience in each moment, and in your relationship with others.You'll deepen into leadership practice as well, expanding your impact in the world.


How the Coaching Works

The structure of Leo's coaching:1. A coaching session every 2 weeks (audio call)
2. You'll do projects & practice in between calls
3. Accountability every 2 weeks
4. Unlimited email & text support